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The Ultimate Guide To Creating A Successful Content Strategy.

Do you have a Content strategy? Here’s the step-by-step guide!

What is Content Strategy?

Content strategy focuses on the planning, creation, delivery, and maintenance of content. You create impact and you get the desired outcome! But how?

1. Define Content Pillars

Content Pillars Sub topics of the theme

For Eg: 

If you are a health coach, then your content pillars could be:

Educational: How to be healthy? Why you should go for a walk?

Promotional: Offers, guides, cheat sheets Inspirational: Journey, quotes, life lessons

2. Understanding your Audience

Market Research = Building an avatar

Answer these questions: who, why, location, age, what they do, what they like, their problems, etc.

3. Use Keywords in your Content

If you are a Content Writer, then you have can derive keywords that you will use more often and try including them in your daily content.


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4. Create ideas and make content

Create content ideas and use them according to the format.

Eg: Offers look more convincing on stories than regular posts.

Content Creation Process

Keep reading to learn my content creation process.

Step-1: Content Ideas

  1. Write down all the ideas you get. It’s like a content idea bank.
  2. You can use tools such as Google Trends, Answer the public, buzz sumo to get ideas.
  3. You can ask your audience to get ideas, read comments, DMs to get ideas.

Step-2: Content Copy

  1. Write down the copy of the content slide by slide (if it’s a carousel), and make sure to run through Grammarly to avoid grammatical/spelling errors.
  2. You can use project management software like Trello, Notion to store ideas and write the copy.

Step-3: Content Creation

  1. Pick a tool such as Canva, Illustrator, Photoshop, Keynote, etc to create content.
  2. Make sure to create a template with all the necessary elements so that you don’t have to start from scratch every time.

Step-4: Content Analysis

  1. Analyze your content. Check out how many saves, shares, comments your content is getting.
  2. Find out what type of content is performing well and create more of those. You can use tools like Not Just Analytics.


1. What do you want to provide and why?

What is that one skill you have and can help people? Ask yourself- WHY? WHAT? WHOM? HOW?

2. Create a persona of your target

PERSONA should have- Age, gender, location, pain points, solutions, income, employment.

3. Research and create content

Post content that they want to see, go through their profiles and search what are their problems and how you can solve them. HAVE A CONTENT STRATEGY. Use keywords and hashtags to target them.

Create Content For a Month


  • Deep dive into the inner workings of their business, identifying all areas that could benefit from content creation.
  • Check your insights and go to top-performing posts.
  • Don’t forget to research your CONTENT PILLARS.


  • Brainstorm ideas based on step 1.
  • Write your ideas with headlines.
  • Keep your goals in mind and write content accordingly.


  • Identify Content Overlap Between Categories And Content That You Can Repurpose

Example: You could turn your new client questionnaire into a done-for-you industry resource that others in your industry would opt-in for (making you a leader).


  • Map Out Your Content Creation Plan.
  • Put all your content in a place to review it and create them.
  • Make quality the priority! It is preferable to produce content less frequently and ensure that it is excellent than to post mediocre stuff frequently.


  • Make graphics design for them, have your templates handy.
  • Write captions and make your content.
  • Keep the hashtags sets ready beforehand.


What We Discussed in this post:

  • What is Content Strategy?
  • Content Creation Process.
  • Finding Targeted Audience
  • Create Content For a Month

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