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How to Instantly Increase Your Instagram Reach

The number of people you can reach on Instagram depends on the size of your audience — and that’s something you can’t control. But there are a few things you can do to make sure your posts get in front of more people, and that those people see them. Here are the best ways to increase your Instagram reach: 

Everyone is saying their Reach is down

But there are some simple changes you can make in order to boost your Reach right now!

Keep Your Audience Fully Engaged

Only use as many images, words, and videos as you need to keep your audience engaged. If someone doesn’t read your whole caption, skips your full carousel, or ends your videos early, your reach will SUFFER!

Post When You Can Be The Most Active

We’ve seen this chart before and posting at a popular time for your audience is good.

But it’s even more important to post when you are able to dedicate ~30-45 minutes to your audience and engage on other posts.

As soon as you upload a post, copy this daily engagement routine:

  • Leave a genuine comment on 5 posts by individuals you follow.
  • Comment on 5 posts from people who already support you.
  • Leave a real comment on 5 posts that have a hashtag that your clients utilize.
  • Respond authentically to 5 different Instagram Stories.

Use Hashtags You Can Compete With

When choosing hashtags look at the average engagement for the top posts on that hashtag to see if your post can compete.

Examine the number of likes and comments on the most popular posts. Use that hashtag if your average is similar! (within 75% of the maximum)

Revive your Dead Instagram Account

A Slow Instagram Account Might Feel Like This:

  • Nobody sees your content anymore
  • No comments on your content
  • Followers don’t know who you are
  • Losing followers faster than gaining

So Let’s Fix this


First, it’s important to decide if it’s WORTH saving your account or starting a new one instead:


  • You had real followers, but just lost touch due to inconsistency
  • You didn’t do anything sketchy (see below) when initially building your account


  • You bought most of your followers or did follow/unfollow for most (50% or more)
  • You previously violated Instagram guidelines (spam, illegal content, etc.)


Next, it’s important to reactivate any followers with who you did have a good connection:

  • DM the followers you were closest with to let them know you’re back
  • Hop on Stories and announce your return, new goals, and some updates!
  • Start engaging with the old connections you had as much as possible (daily comments)


Now, it’s important to remind people WHY they missed you. Your content will do that!

  • Create at least 10 days worth of high-quality content so you can return strong and consistent.
  • Find the topics that were the most popular for you before.
  • Research popular accounts in your niche and see what topics are trending.
  • Create high-performing content like Reels (for reach) and Carousels (for action)
  • Make sure these posts are as practical and valuable as possible. DON’T HOLD BACK!

Once all 10 posts are made, find a consistent posting schedule and schedule them all with the scheduling software of your choice!


Finally, it’s time to get back into a ROUTINE so you don’t become inconsistent again. BE PATIENT, stick to your content schedule, and maintain a daily engagement routine:

  • Leave a decent comment on 5-10 of the individuals you’re following’s posts.
  • Leave genuine comments on 5-10 posts from people you follow.
  • Leave a genuine comment on 5-10 posts that include a hashtag that your clients use.
  • Respond authentically to 5-10 different Instagram Stories.

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  1. Encourage your top audience to turn on post notifications for your account.
  2. Reply to all of the comments you receive on your content.
  3. Keep your writing simple enough for a 10-year-old to understand.
  4. Use engagement stickers when posting to your Instagram Stories.
  5. Ask your audience to reply to questions that are easy to answer.
  6. Always Create Highly Sharable Content.

Final Words

Remember, you don’t have to do everything! However, picking one of these activities that you aren’t currently doing (or have been slacking on) and committing to better it in December can result in some good benefits for you. I had roughly 14,000 Instagram followers a year ago, and following these methods has helped me reach 203K presently. When used consistently, the tips work!

Which one do you intend to work on? Please let me know in the comments.