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5 Instagram Growth Strategies for 2022 That Can Help You

Instagram is becoming a very overcrowded medium because of the large number of instructors and service businesses that are emerging online every day and attempting to develop.

So, if you want to thrive and create an impression on Instagram, you must stand out from the crowd.

In this article, I’ve discussed five distinct approaches to stand out and grow on Instagram.

Yes, you can still grow on Instagram in 2022. But you need to have a stand-out strategy.

Here are five ways how you can dominate Instagram in 2022

1. Your personal experiences

2. Content in Video 

3. Authenticity

4. Content

5. Consistency

1. Your personal experiences

Do share your own stories and experiences. To be honest, the web world has become extremely crowded in terms of 2020 and 2021. As a result, your individual experiences and tales will set you apart from the crowd. Remember that people form attachments to one another.

2. Content in Video

More video content that is bite-sized. Bit-sized videos (20 seconds to 1 minute) will be more popular than ever. Videos have arrived, and it’s time to make use of them on Instagram. Reels and one-minute videos will let you quickly connect with your audience.

3. Authenticity

Authenticity over Beautification. Instead of beautifying your posts, work on more authentic & real content. If you have a strategy just break it down into slides instead of designing a whole graphic for it. Invest your time to build connections instead of beautifying your posts.

4. Content

Content that solves actual problems. It’s high time that you start creating content that is for your audience & not you. Analyze what your audience needs, do market research. Stick to a content strategy and stop pushing out content just because you have to post something.

5. Consistency

Consistency over quantity. It doesn’t matter if you are posting multiple times a day & not being consistent. Pick a posting schedule that suits you the best and stick to it for at least three months and analyze the results. For us 5-6 times a week work the best.


Engagement Strategy

Instagram engagement can consume so much of your time and energy that you are unable to focus on other tasks. However, this will assist you in achieving that goal.

1. Schedule

Start by creating an Engagement Schedule for your profile.

  • Set goals for every day: Here we will set up time milestones. Eg. 90 minutes per day.
  • Now it’s time to set up milestones to achieve our daily goal. Example: 7x15min milestone
  • Decide the time and set up the alarm in batches.

2. Making the List

Now it’s time to decide on what kind of accounts will you engage and make a list

  • COLD People who don’t know about you.
  • WARM People who are your friends.


If you are aiming for 1k followers then the priority is less than 2k and Focus on this for 90% of your time.

How to divide the list?

  1. People who are engaging with others’ accounts.
  2. On explore Page
  3. On Hashtags

How to divide the time?

  1. For Small Accounts, You Should Focus maximum on Cold Engagement.
  2. For Big Accounts, You Should Focus maximum on Warm Engagement.


Priority for accounts bigger than 5k. Do this as much as possible

Use Stories as much as possible.

Answer the comments before they post and after the post.

Answer direct Messages

  1. Use quick replies
  2. Forward people to your posts
  3. Use Instagram Flags


  1. Follow consistent Routine.
  2. Make a List of Accounts to increase efficiency
  3. Engage in such a way that it makes sense and builds a relationship.
  4. Don’t spam people.
  5. Don’t use the follow and unfollow method
  6. Schedule your engagement time

Final Words

We hope these strategies have given you some ideas for growing your Instagram account. In the comments below, let us know which strategy you like best and why!